So Waiters, What Are You Going To Do About It?

Based on 25+ years of experience, I detail proven tactics to make any customer feel special, feel as if THEIR enjoyment is YOUR primary concern.  

This is the essence of the "WOW" customer service that we all are told to provide...but never actually taught how to do.  

Isn't it about time we change that? 

So how can this book help you?  What can you learn from this that is different from whatever else you’ve been taught & doing?  Let’s take a step back for a moment…

During my research to prepare for writing this book, I scoured the internet for information that was already written by others on this topic.  I wanted to see what the competition was up to and was amazed by what I found.  Actually I was embarrassed.

Some of the recommendations were so bad that I had to stop looking.  Did ANY of these people ever actually work as a waiter, a bartender or manage a restaurant?  If so, they probably were not very successful.

Here is a listing of some things I found that was supposed to help 
waiters earn BIGGER tips.

Look at this nonsense!

  • Write your name and a smiley face on the check
  • Give a piece of candy to the customer with the check
  • Bend or crouch down on the side of the table when speaking with the guest
  • Lightly touch the customer sometime during their meal
  • Wear a red shirt, red lipstick or a flower in your hair (for the ladies)
  • Carry more than one pen
Are they kidding?  I can’t tell you how many blogs, articles and other web sites mentioned some of the same things.  I think they all copied each other’s dumb ideas.  And yes, dumb they are.

These ideas are embarrassing and childish.  

Give a piece of candy when you present the check to the guest.  What are we in preschool?

►Write a smiley face on the check?  You might just get stiffed now because of that.

►Carry more than one pen?  Well, that’s a no-brainer but it won’t make you any more money.

►Bend or crouch down while taking the order?  Now you’re getting in my face.  Please don’t do that.

►Wear a red shirt, lipstick or a flower in your hair?  The 1960′s are long gone my friend.

►Lightly touch me…not unless you want a fat lip!


These are childish, improper and useless things to tell a waiter, especially one that is young and inexperienced and just trying to learn more about their trade.

This will do nothing more than to instill bad habits that will be difficult to break out of.

You are a professional.  You take pride in your job, your career.  You do not need to resort to worthless tactics and I won’t insult you with stuff like this.

So I stopped looking.  I don’t need anyone’s help to write this book, surely not from any of those “experts”.  

I have been in this business, in one manner or another, for 25+ years.  I have seen some of the best and worst at their trade.  And I learned from all of them.  I learned what REALLY works!


Only by making your guests feel special, feel as if THEIR enjoyment is YOUR primary concern, will you make the big tips.   All else is not important.


Even if you learn just ONE thing from the book, like my “Magical Table Greeting”, you will be far better off than 90% of all the other waiters out there.


Remember what our founding father Benjamin Franklin once said;
An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends.”
So, are you willing to learn a few things?  A few simple things that will put more money in your pocket, and finally become the waiter that all others are jealous of?  And the one that your customers can’t get enough of?

It’s real easy and you will see results on your very next shift.

If so then lets get ready to start.

I will be your teacher.  I will show you how to do this and I can’t wait until l can share it with you.

Here’s a few of the chapters in this book:

Two Minutes or Two Bites  
So What Do You Recommend?  
Get That Kid’s Mac & Cheese First  
I’m a Waiter NOT a Salesman  
I Have My Own Stuff To Talk About  
Know Thy Substitutions  
Where Did I Leave That Thing?  
My Busboy, My Partner  
Where’s The Nearest Bookstore?
Now Get Outta My Way  
Take My Picture Please  
Goodnight My Guest  
Do I Really Care About My Guest?

And much more.

Purchase the book now and start earning more tips…even if you’re a bad waiter!

Also, once you buy the book, please come back and leave a comment telling me how much your tips have improved since you put the tactics in place that you have learned from this book.

Thanks and good luck to you.


Author Steve DiGioia has been in the hotel & restaurant business for 25+ years.  Learn more about him here.